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Drink like the Irish! The Best Irish Toasts

the best Irish toasts

My ultimate list of the best Irish toasts, favorite Irish sayings, folk wisdom, and funny wishes about drinking, friends, and having a good time together. I hope you will enjoy it and use it as often as possible!

best Irish toasts

In the Temple Bar, Dublin

1. Irish sayings

A drink precedes a story.

A bird never flew on one wing.

What butter or whiskey does not cure cannot be cured.

Drink is the curse of the land. It makes you fight with your neighbor.
It makes you shoot at your landlord — and it makes you miss him.

best Irish toasts

The session in the Cobblestone Pub, Dublin

The older the fiddle, the sweeter the tune.

Men are like bagpipes: no sound comes from them till they’re full.

2. Irish wishes

Wishing you the happiness of a leprechaun’s gold,
And a day of songs of love that will never grow old!

May the sound of happy music,
And the lilt of Irish laughter,
Fill your heart with gladness,
That stays forever after.

May your bank account always be bigger than your troubles.

May the enemies of Ireland never meet a friend.

best Irish toasts

May the roof above you never fall in and those gathered beneath it never fall out.

May the roof overhead be well thatched and those inside be well matched.

May a mouse never leave your meal bag with a tear in its eye.

May you die in bed at ninety-five years, shot by a jealous husband.

May the devil say a prayer for you.

May the Lord keep you in His hand and never close His fist too tight.

 May the Good Lord take a liking to you — but, not too soon.

May you be half an hour in heaven before the Devil knows your dead.

May you always have a clean shirt,
A clear conscience,
And enough coins in your pocket to buy a pint.

best irish toasts

May your pockets be heavy and your heart be light,
May good luck pursue you each morning and night.

May your bank account always be like the capital of Ireland —
Always Dublin!

May you be poor in misfortune,
Rich in blessings,
Slow to make enemies,
And fast to make friends!

 May the winds of fortune sail you,
May you sail a gentle sea.
May it always be the other guy
who says, “this drink’s on me.”

best Irish toasts

In a bookshop, Temple Bar district

3. Irish toasts

Here’s to a sweetheart, a bottle, and a friend.
The first beautiful, the second full, the last ever faithful.

Here’s to me, and here’s to you,
And here’s to love and laughter-
I’ll be true as long as you,
And not one moment after.

Here’s to women of the Irish shore;
I love but one, I love not more.
But since she’s not here to drink her part,
I’ll drink her share with all my heart.

Here’s to cheating, stealing, fighting, and drinking.
If you cheat, may you cheat death.
If you steal, may you steal a woman’s heart.
If you fight, may you fight for a brother.
And if you drink, may you drink with me.

best Irish toasts

In the Cobblestone Pub, Dublin

Wherever you go and whatever you do, may the luck of the Irish be there with you!

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