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I’m Isabella, Polish mountain girl whose passions are traveling, music and folklore. I’m an analyst by profession, graduated from the international relations, crisis management and the Japanese studies, currently studying policy studies in Tokyo. On Love Traveling – Cultural tourism blog I’m focusing mostly on travels & broadly understood culture. I enjoy discovering cultural and historic sites, museums, art galleries, temples, as well as sacred natural sites and heritage sites that are less known. I’m also a volunteer experienced in working on the Christian missions and in schools in Africa (photographer, teacher of music and art).

Learning about new places, cultures, history and traditions is a passion I easily transfer to my readers. Most of my loyal readers are people with higher education, interested in travels (organized & independent), world’s cultural heritage, foreign traditions, high art, history as well as unspoiled nature areas (Nature National Parks, scenic parks, mountains).

Fields of possible cooperation

  • Public speeches: lectures, slideshows, presentations
  • Magazine articles
  • Advising on promotion strategy of cities, regions and tourist attractions
  • Individual study tours: rural tourism, folk culture, cultural city breaks
  • Museum and exhibition reviews
  • Promotion of cultural attractions of cities and regions
  • Reviews of culture & travel-related products or experiences – partnership with tour, accommodation and transportation companies
  • Furoshiki workshops

What I offer

  • Great, active, culture & travel oriented international audience (blog statistics below)
  • Knowldege and experience (research articles, newspaper articles)
  • Professional approach to the cultural sightseeing
  • Great knowledge of Europe, Slavic culture, history and traditions
  • Great knowledge of Japan, Japanese culture, history and traditions
  • Curiosity to discover the local folklore
  • High quality articles
  • Original photography
  • Writing skills in English and Polish (still working to improve my Japanese and Russian)

If your offer is

  • High quality
  • Related to traveling, sightseeing or high culture
  • You believe it may be particularly interesting to my readers

            do not hesitate to contact me.

I’m especially interested in cooperation with local governments, tourist organizations, event managers, museums and galleries, as well as small, family run guesthouses and NGOs working in the field of culture. Interested? Maybe you have another idea? Just let me know!

Working with bloggers and social media is an essential element of every professional PR campaign.

 Why to work with Love Traveling – Cultural Tourism blog?

(all data for November 1st 2016)



  • Average 73 000 visits per month (in last 6 months)
  • Average 26 000 unique users  per month (in last 6 months)
  •  Average 1000 visits per day in 2016
  • Top 10 countries: USA, Poland, India, UK, Philippines, Canada, Australia, Indonesia, Netherlands, Singapore, South Africa


  • Sex: 70% women, 30% men
  • In-market segment interests: travel/hotels & accommodations, travel/air travel, apparel & accessories, real estate/residential properties, home & garden/home décor
  • Similar segments: movie lovers, technophiles, TV lovers, shutterbugs, travel buffs, news junkies & avid readers, shoppers/shopaholics, cooking enthusiasts
  • Other categories: arts & entertainment/TV & video/online video, news/weather, entertainment news, music & audio, general reference/dictionaries & encyclopedias, humor, sports
  • Age groups: 18-24 (25,82%), 25-34 (32,53%), 34-44 (15,53%), 45-54 (13,17%), <55 (13,17%)

More data from SimilarWeb.

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