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Flying with kids

Traveling with the family is not so easy at all. You think that it’s just like traveling solo, but simply multiplied by 3 or 5? You wish 🙂 Let us assume that your kids will do a good teamwork.  Everyone is eager to cooperate, everyone knows what to do (and what not to do), everyone is on time, no one is thirsty, sleepy or needs to go to the bathroom. Yes, this is a fairytale and as we all know… fairy tales are (unfortunately, sorry) not real.

What if (and this is a much more realistic option) there’s a new game called „Children Against Adults – the Final Battle” or… being more specific: your children vs. you, and all the teamwork you can experience is the cooperation between your kids to screw up your family holidays (and make it a pain for all the passengers who are in the plane with you)?

Tired after the super long flight, bored kids… you know what I mean. And imagine that instead of just leaving the airport right after landing you need to line up and wait.. and wait… and wait for hours in the line to the customs.

Is there anything that can be done to keep your nerves and your mind in balance? Well, there are a few tips:

  • First of all, explainExplain where are you going, what they will need to do (don’t mention about what not to do, because it’s a certain way to make them do it).
  • Keep your children occupied. Favorite smartphone games (remember about headphones!), simple coloring books, origami paper will keep them busy during the flight.
  • Keep your children interested in the place they’re going to. Children are curious about everything. Find some coloring papers or stickers (or prepare it on your own) with American symbols: stars&stripes, cowboys, eagles, skyscrapers, Statue of Liberty and so on.
  • Do things together. Play card games (travel or American themes will fit best). Draw a map of places you’re going to visit. Or print a ready map and cut it into big puzzles. Once they put them together, circle the places you and your kids want to see.
  • Get your kids to sleep. Maybe carrying an extra cabin luggage with a favorite teddy-bear or Cinderella pillow isn’t what you dreamed of, but you will also need some time to rest if you want to survive this journey.
  • Do your homework. Find some interesting cultural or historical stories. Some Native American legends. Some tales. Kids love hearing stories. Why shouldn’t you be their favorite storyteller?
  • And the last one – for God’s sake, if only possible skip the damned customs line!!!

Please don’t tell me it’s impossible cause there are plenty of options on how to do that. If you still need an example, here’s one:

Smart way to fly from Europe to the United States is to use Aer Lingus lines from the Dublin Airport. Dublin Airport is ranked 6th in Europe for the frequency of flights to the United States and so far it’s probably the only European capital airport with US pre-clearance for UK passengers traveling to the USA (which means no line to the customs after arrival. How cool is that?!). The airport itself is really nice, comfortable and wifi-friendly. What’s more? You can easily get a Guinness here 🙂  OK, I can, you’re flying with kids so you need to stay focused, I’m sorry 😉

Dublin Airport - Aer Lingus aircraft on the apron at Dublin Airport

What’s more, Aer Lingus is currently running a competition for UK bloggers and everyone is encouraged to vote. Why? Because not only the winning blogger will get 2 tickets to NYC, but also one lucky voter will win 2 tickets to NYC and £1000 spending money! Give luck a chance 😀

BTW I can’t stop laughing when watching this movie 😉


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