My Bucket List

Things to do in this life:

  1. See the Northern Lights
  2. Vistit Alberobello (Italy) to see trulli houses!
  3. Take part in an obstacle / adventure run
  4. Feel the omnipresent smell of roses during Bulgarian Festival of Roses in Kazanlak
  5. Buy a bottle of Moldavian vine in Mileştii Mici or Cricova vine cellar!
  6. Volunteer on a mission in Africa
  7. Take part in historical reconstruction
  8. Take a pilgrim’s journey on the Camino de Santiago
  9. Meet face to face with a giant tortoise!
  10. Find a sea turtle nesting beach
  11. Spend some time with an autoharp players from the Isle of Man
  12. Spend Mardi Gras in Louisiana
  13. Take a ride in Moscow Metro with „Metro 2033” in my hand
  14. Spend a night in a monastery or buddhist temple
  15. Go on a train journey in Benelux during the tulip blooming season
  16. Spend Easter or Christmas in Jerusalem
  17. Take my sister to the Holy Land
  18. See the Holy Week Procession in Cordoba
  19. Pick one tea leaf from the tea plantation and take it home in my wallet 🙂
  20. See the flowers & feel the fragrance of blooming orange trees
  21. See the terraced rice paddies in Asia (actually I even planted it! 🙂 )
  22. Touch a big baobab tree growing on savanna
  23. Hear the sounds of African night
  24. Visit at least 10 European open air folklore museums
  25. Count stars on a desert sky
  26. Spend one night in Mongolian yurt
  27. Listen to the New Year’s Concert in Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra
  28. Eat one Haribo teddy bear directly from the production line
  29. See toucans in the wild (the effect of watching too many Nat Geo documentaries in the childhood 😉 )
  30. See The Lion King musical on Broadway (OK, I did it the other way – I’ve seen the Lion King Broadway musical in Tokyo 😉 )
  31. Follow the steps of Basho Matsuo with his Narrow Road to the Deep North in my backpack (Japan)
  32. Make photos of the Hashima Island (Japan)
  33. Participate in the New Year’s, Tanabata’s and Obon’s festivals and rituals in Japan
  34. See the burning hills in Nara during Wakakusa Yamayaki (Japan)
  35. Spend a day in Nagoro (Tokushima Prefecture, Japan), the dying village where dolls outnumbered living residents…
  36. Visit Tashirojima, the Cat Island (Japan)
  37. Visit Shirakawago in Winter (Japan)
  38. Go hiking in Japanese Alps (Japan)
  39. Go hiking in Julian Alps (Slovenia)
  40. Visit Trinity College Library in Dublin (Ireland)
  41. Buy a Morning Glory on Iriya Morning Glory Market (Japan)
  42. See the real brachiosaurus skeleton!
  43. Walk the Hadrian’s Wall path in Great Britain
  44. Take the Transsib (Trans Siberian Express) journey
  45.  Sing Tam Lin tale in Scottish Borders’ „Carterhaugh” forest
  46. Visit all 47 prefectures of Japan (24 prefectures visited so far)
  47. Travel to Madagascar
  48. Visit Museo della Fisarmonica in Castelfidardo, where the accordion industry was born
  49. Visit famous Kew Gardens in London
  50. Spend a Constitution Day (May 17th) in Oslo and see all the beautiful folk costumes of Norway
  51. Visit Berlin’s urban gardens: Prinzessinnengarten & Tempelhof
  52. Visit Samarkand in Uzbekistan
  53. Hike the Pacific Crest National Scenic Trail
  54. Visit Isola Bella in Italy (island on the Maggiore lake)


Bieg Katorżnika - an obstacle run organized by Polish special forces
Bieg Katorżnika – an obstacle run organized by Polish special forces

Festivals bucket list

  • Garmisch-Partenkirchen (Germany) Fasching
  • Tokyo (Japan) Iriya Asagao Matsuri
  • Dublin (Ireland) St Patrick’s Day
  • Yakutia (Russia) Yhyach
  • Valréas (France) Lavender Festival
  • Tuluza (France) Fete de la Violette
  • Lerwick (Shetland Islands) Up Helly Aa
  • Kazanlak (Bulgaria) Festival of Roses
  • Ptuj (Slovenia) Kurentovanje
  • Guča (Serbia) Trumpet Festival
  • New Orleans (USA) Mardi Gras
  • Nara (Japan) Wakakusa Yamayaki
  • Gujo (Japan) Bon Odori
  • Cordoba (Spain) Holy Week Procession
  • Łowicz (Poland) Corpus Christi Procession
  • Łyse (Poland) Palm Sunday Procession
  • Kraków (Poland) Three Kings’ Processions
  • Stockholm (Sweden) Valborgsmässoafton
  • Gennetines (France) Les grands bals de l’Europe
  • Pernik (Bulgaria) Surova
  • Spreewald (Germany) Weihnacht
  • Vienna (Austria) Krampuslauf
  • Rome (Italy) Feast of Our Lady of Snows (Santa Maria Maggiore)
Roses Festival in Kazanlak, Bulgaria
Roses Festival in Kazanlak, Bulgaria

Bucket list of cities, regions and states:

Jerusalem, the Balkans, Taizé (France), Georgia, London, York, Ireland & Scotland, Isle of Lewis and Harris (Scotland), Fingal’s Cave (Scotland), Stockholm (Sweden), Lviv, Odessa, Kiev, Pripyat (Ukraine), Riga, Tallinn (Estonia), Guadelupe (Spain), Brussels, Bruges, Vienna, Paris, Budapest, Vilnius, Bratislava, Barcelona, Kutna Hora, Prague, Adršpašskoteplické skály (Czech Republic), Marrakech, Easter Island, Istanbul, Greece, Mongolia, Romania, Bukhara & Samarkand (Uzbekistan), Astana (Kazakhstan), Petersburg, Moscow, Yakutia – Sakha Republic (Russia), Norway, Finland, Bornholm (Denmark), Iceland, El Camino de Santiago (Way of St. James), Canary Islands, Canada, Western States’ National Parks (USA), Louisiana (USA), Johannesburg (RSA), Cuba, Japan, Tanzania, Prison Island (Zanzibar), Hong Kong, Taipei, Seoul, India, Philippines, Indonesia.

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