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Eastern Polish Countryside (micro gallery)

Have you ever had a feeling that photos from the place you have never been before make you feel truly at home? Is it even possible?

I want you to have a look at Bosnia: On the Porch and in the Garden by Trashbus. It’s almost a year since Renata posted it, but the pictures she chose to illustrate her family house in Bosnia makes me come back again & again. It’s a kind of mystery to me, because me and Renata have never met before. Moreover, I have never (I mean, not yet) been to Bosnia &  Herzegovina. And yet somehow the place makes me feel like home.

It looks so much like the Eastern parts of Poland, that if she didn’t state it clearly it’s a part of Balkans, I would think it’s just around the corner. Why I’m only talking about one part of my country? Because of the historical legacy West and East of Poland used to differ much. West – richer, industrialized part resembles old German landscapes. East is much wilder and… poorer, but its citizens are honest and welcoming.

What Eastern Polish countryside means to me?

  • Almost endless greenery;
  •  Fruit trees growing wild;
  •  Wooden architecture of small village houses;
  • Bushes and flowers growing wildly in their very own kingdom;
  • Animals living in our forests and meadows;
  • Homegrown food;
  • Family;
  • Great hospitality of people living here;
  • Fragrance of herbs in the evening;
  • Making bonfires and listening to the cicada singing in hot summer afternoons;
  • Fabulous sunsets…
Endless greenery of forests and meadows
Endless greenery of forests and meadows.
The wetland. Northeast of the country.
The wetland. Northeast part of the country.
Violet thistle
Violet thistle. Almost like Scotland 😉
Old apple tree.
When the house is gone, an old apple tree reminds that it used to be someone’s home…
Old house old tree.
Just like this one.
Old house and the meadow.
Or this old house with a meadow of wild herbs.
In the father's garden.
In the father’s garden.
The kingdom of flowers.
The kingdom of flowers.
Cutting fresh vegetables.
Fresh air, fresh water, fresh vegetables and the hands of my eldest brother.
Sunset. The perfect end to the day.

This is my home.
This is where I grew up.
This is where I will always come back


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