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Zanzibar: What, where, how much?

Mostly due to the Arab culture bargaining in Africa is not only unavoidable, but it’s a well perceived part of a buying-selling process.

It’s really hard to tell what’s the actual price for certain things like food, souvenirs and services. Even defining „how much it really costs” is very relative, because it does not determine the actual price for the item, but how much you are willing to pay for it.

Prices on Zanzibar

In my case the prices were as follows (1 500 TSH = 1 USD):


  • Costal Aviation one-way ticket from Dar Es Salaam to Zanzibar = 70 USD (140 USD return)
  • Taxi from the Zanzibar Airport to Stone Town = 10 – 15 USD
  • Dala-dala from Stone Town to Paje (East coast of Zanzibar) = 3 000 TSH
    The same way by Taxi (price for a couple  = 35 USD (initial price: 50 USD))
  • Boat to the Prison Island and back (for 2 people) = 30 USD
  • Average Stone Town hostel (double room, shared bathroom) = 35 USD per night
  • Three-bed bungalow in Paje = 37 USD per night
  • Spice tour (see pictures below) = 50 TSH (includes taxi and lunch) + tip for a spice tour guide (usually from 10 000 TSH to 10 USD)

Food 🙂

  • Really big dinner for two = from 60 000 to 100 000 TSH
  • Milkshake with fresh mango / vanilla / anything you dream of (Yummmmy! Absolutely L-O-V-E-D fresh vanilla one…) = from 10 000 TSH
  • Alcohol drink in a beach bar in Paje = 10 – 12 000 TSH

(below: photos from Forodhani night food market)

Souvenirs, local products & services:

  • Kanga = 8 – 10 000 TSH
  • Masai-made earrings = 5 000 TSH
  • Postcard = 1 000 TSH (+ stamp to the European Union = 700 TSH)
  • Bag of spices from Zanzibar = 2 – 4 000 TSH
  • Oil painting, local artist (A3 size) = 25 USD
  • Entrance to the reserve of giant tortoises on Prison Island = 4 USD
  • Kitesurfing course in Paje: beginner = 300 USD/EURO (level 1 = 160 USD/EURO, level 1 + 2 = 300 USD/EURO)

Talking about souvenirs – local products are made and sold on Dar Es Salaam markets where the prices are… 3-4 times cheaper than in the tourist parts of Stone Town. So if you’re planning to come back to the mainland Tanzania (Tanganyika) hold back your shopping spree 😉

Stone Town, where is it?

ładowanie mapy - proszę czekać...

Prices on Zanzibar -6.162222, 39.192073 Zanzibar: what, where, how much?


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