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Packing list for the Taizé European Meeting in Riga

Undoubtedly men learns from his mistakes. Because I’ve already made a few when packing to my last two Taizé European Meetings, I don’t want to repeat them anymore. What you find below is my list of „must” and „consider to take” when preparing and packing for the next Taizé European Meeting in Riga in December 2016.

The winter in Latvia is a little bit similar to the Polish one (we are almost „neighbors”), but for someone who will arrive from a completely different part of the world, maybe a few tips about the weather in December will be useful. The average temperature may be a little below zero degrees (around -5°C, but usually between -8°C and 0°C). Because probability of rain during the day is around 60%, be prepared for some ❅ snow ❆ or rain. The average daylight per day is around 7 hours, but the average sunlight time is around one hour only. It will be mostly cloudy.

Taizé Riga Packing List

Must take to Riga

  • one, warm, waterproof, comfortable pair of trekking shoes
  • warm, soft socks (one pair per day)
  • sleeping bag
  • foam sleeping pad (first time I didn’t even think of taking it, so when it turned out that I had to sleep on the floor… that was a painful lesson 😉 )
  • hat, scarf & gloves
  • thermos or thermic cup (you will thank me for that! 🙂 )
  • umbrella or light raincoat
  • rain cover for backpack
  • small foam pad to sit on in dining facility, during the meetings and workshops
  • a cup, spoon & fork (or my favorite: spork 😉 ) and a little knife
  • a canvas bag
  • five T-shirts
  • one extra pair of jeans
  • (if you are a girl) one skirt + long socks may be useful
  • (if you are a girl) two pairs of tights
  • two jumpers (jerseys, sweaters)
  • one nice outfit for a Festival of Nations
  • camera
  • money (remember of 50 € participant fee)
  • necessary documents
  • registration form
  • mobile phone, charger, power bank
  • European Health Insurance Card (if you’re EU citizen)
  • small souvenir from your home country for your hosts (this is a Taizé tradition)
  • an open heart 🙂


Consider to take

  • second pair of shoes (last time my one and only pair of shoes got wet and stayed wet through all the meeting due to the weather conditions…)
  • two extra pairs of socks
  • Riga city guide
  • guitar, flute or any other (portable) instrument you play
  • addresses to your family / friends if you send postcards
  • a copy of  your documents (just in case you don’t want to carry the original ones with you all the time during the meeting)
  • some little jewelry, if you wear one on the daily basis (just to feel pretty, good and comfortable)
  • basic cosmetics
  • small, quick-drying towel
  • first aid kid (for allergies and stomach problems, a few plasters, something not to catch a cold)
  • wet wipes, antibacterial gel (although it’s not necessary – wet wipes are distributed during the dinner time)
  • some extra money if you want to buy souvenirs

Enjoy the Taizé spirit!

If it’s going to be your first Taizé European Meeting, don’t worry too much. You’ll be surrounded by people willing to help you with any problem. And for sure you will never feel alone there, as the participants of the Taizé European Meeting are very warm, open and welcoming. So cheer up and get ready for your amazing adventure! If you are curious how Riga looks like, take a look at my friend’s blog – Kami and the rest of the world 🙂

Check also information for registered participants on the official Taizé website and see you on the European Meeting in Riga, right? 🙂


If your friends are going to Taizé meeting in Riga too,
why not to share this list with them and help them with packing?


Z pochodzenia Sanoczanka, Japanofil, wolontariusz tęskniący za Afryką i etnograf-pasjonat. // Just a small town girl who always dreamed of travels and faraway places... Now Warsaw-based international relations analyst, travel blogger & folklore enthusiast, who cherishes nature, simple life & Irish traditional music. Japanophile. Addicted to haribo jellies & …red lipstick.

  1. Simon Pedro Viajero

    Zazdro! 😉

  2. Hi! I’m going to Taize too and I’m packing right now. It’s good to have that list to remember to pack all necessary things. Thanks!

    PS. Poland and Latvia are not neighbours 🙂

    • Thanks for your visit Ania 🙂
      Speaking of Poland and Latvia – of course we are not the immediate neighbors, at least not now (but we used to be for some 200 years during Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth; Moreover, Riga used to be a Polish fief for a short period of time), so I believe we can still consider our nations as neighbors, despite the fact we do not share a „real border”. Personally, I consider all Baltic States as our European neighbors 🙂

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