Estonia Museum Madness

They can’t see us now!

We’ve already seen all the highlights and must-see attractions of the city. Finally there was some time to visit places particularly interesting to me, so I left my companion and headed to my number one, which always is a museum of musical instruments.

Why musical instruments are so interesting?

I perfectly understand that for non-musicians such museums are surely one of the last choices, so even if the city is packed with tourists, some places remain almost empty and that was the case. Fortunately for me, it turned out that apart from a lady working at the exhibition there was only me, because I don’t like sightseeing in haste.

Theatre and Music Museum in Tallinn (Estonia)


Probably because of the lack of wild crowds of tourists, the lady was very friendly and soon became my personal guide, explaining the mysteries of different instruments, both classical and completely unusual ones. That was nice of her (I mean – she didn’t have to do it anyway) and I was truly surprised when after a few minutes of talking she asked me to leave the exhibition room. I was a little confused, but I listened to her. She began to tamper with some electronic equipment, then turned to me and said quietly: „They can’t see us now!”
I thought „OK… great, buuut… who are „they”?!” I really wondered what we were going to do there…

Musical Instrument Museum in Brussels (Belgium)

She asked me to come in again and we entered a piano room, full of different kinds of pianos, with particularly majestic, black one in the middle. I was explained that it was the first piano manufactured in that country. Then my guide opened the keyboard and simply started playing! And that was the moment I suddenly understood they and can’t see„. While I was out of the room she must have switched off the security cameras. The sound was clear and great. As soon as she finished playing I asked if I can try playing too. And she agreed!

Deutsche Museum in München (Germany)

I know that right now any comment like „it was a truly unique experience!” sounds trivial to a reader, but believe me, me and that three-legged black box have a history, and a very strong bond built on love, hate, joy (especially after the exams 😉 ), anger and tears. It was my „friend of choice” and „worst friend ever” at the same time for 9 years of my childhood.

Berlin Musical Instrument Museum (Germany)

It’s rather unusual to play any exhibit at the museum (except maybe modern museums or museums of science), especially if you keep in mind that this is the oldest example of its kind – it’s a little like riding a T-Rex 😉 but I loved that. We went out, the lady tampered with the equipment once again and announced They can see us again!. I nodded with understanding. The sightseeing continued in the traditional way…

Izabela music

What a pity that pictures can’t play… 
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  1. Beautiful story! I love it! Visiting any museum without crowds is a privilege so good for you! And play the instrument in the museum was like a cherry on a cake. Awesome post.

  2. I wonder what would happen if she got caught 😉 Must have been so great to hear that old piano!

    • Well, I don’t know, but she was quite old and quite confident to deal with that electronic stuff. I believe it was not the first time 😉

  3. ‚What a pity that pictures can’t play!’ Love it! 🙂 I totally agree. And I can’t wait for your new project. Never thougt of going to an Instrument Museum, but your post has convinced me <3

  4. Great place, especially for those in love with music! I regret I haven’t done a day trip to that city when I was in Riga!

    • Yes, „the city” is quite close 😉 I know that even though I decided not to put the name of the city, it was not too difficult to figure it out 😉

  5. I see we share a common passion Isabella: music. I also studied piano for 10 years in my youth years. I still play occasionally, but less and less lately… I am writing travel posts instead. I would have loved the museum of musical instruments. In fact we’ve seen one in Leipzig: the Bach Museum had a couple of rooms dedicated especially to musical instruments.

    • Small World, Anda 🙂
      I haven’t heard about the Bach Museum, so thank you for that precious info, I will check it in a moment 🙂 Time… yes, time is the worst „enemy” I think. Hard to put in one 24 hours time for working 9-5, writing travel stories, practicing playing… I also started to refresh my Japanese language lately and there’s literally no time for sleeping 😉 Sometimes I think I’m glad I don’t have my own family yet 😉
      I want to combine traveling with playing my new instrument (an autoharp) and this is my new project. If it works, I will let you know 🙂

  6. What an amazing experience! I am a musician by training too, I empathise – and like you I love looking at old musical instruments.

  7. For a beautiful story like that Iwish pictures could play music:) Thanks for sharing!

  8. That looks like a really cool museum! I always love visiting offbeat places like that.

  9. As a musician, this is a fascinating post. We love museums and must take the children to see these. Thanks for opening the window on this one…will look forward to this new project.

  10. I always enjoy looking for the unusually places when I travel and have really enjoyed so many of the galleries and museums I’ve come across.

  11. That really is a unique experience! I bet very few (if anyone!) can say that they had that experience!

  12. „Music on the road” . . . can’t wait to read more! This experience sure is the perfect storytelling opportunity 🙂

  13. Hi Isabella, what an interesting post. I’ve never seen any post about music instrument museum before . What transpired in your visit was truly interesting. I can tell that lady has so much passion with piano and playing it, that she went to the extent of what she did. I’m sure she also felt that you were the kind of person who appreciate her passion and felt worth while to be a little sneaky:)

  14. What a great story (and great opportunity)! I’ve been to the one in Munich. My husband is a musician, so it’s very special to him as well.

  15. Wow, how cool is that?! She was really nice to do that for you! I love sneaky little joys like that! They make up some of life’s unique experiences 🙂

  16. You should go to the Chopin museum in Warsaw, it’s good fun if you enjoy all things music 🙂

    Sara | This Girl Loves

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